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Teen Forced Fucked by a Mall Cop

September 10th, 2009 by Fish

So I had a couple of days off and I went to the mall.  Now friends I can indeed tell you that like many of you I fucking hate malls.  of course this dictates the necessity that the thing I needed to pick up at the mall was indeed not ready yet and I had to kill a couple of hours. 

So I wandered around this temple of useless consumerism.  Mainly looking to see if there were any dumb cunts I would like to fuck.  And I indeed noticed something.  Being a weekday and school has already started I noticed more or less 3 types of people in this shithole. 

The first and the most rare where a few males like myself quite obviously unhappy to be there but indeed were forced to subject themselves to this place in a need to pick something up.  They of course were in and out of the place as soon as humanly possible

The second group were the old coots with no where else to go.  Sipping on McDonalds coffee and reading the newspaper or sitting chatting about whatever old coots talk about.  Which got me thinking that death panels were probably not all that bad of an idea.

Finally and the most abundant were mommy bitches dragging around their crotch fruit.  Now as these bitches went store to store happily spending their husbands money,  many if not all looked quite put upon that they indeed needed to tend to their offspring.  I mean its a bitches RIGHT not to work of course and one would not expect them to actually do something while they sit at home and get fat.  What a hard job indeed it is spending money that they don’t earn and having to care for that crotch fruit they popped out!  And when their husbands get home from earning that money they have the added responsibility of denying the poor guy a good fuck.  Oh the horror!

Now of course being a weekday the place was devoid of the mall’s most prolific inhabitance, Teen Bitches!  Learning of course how to avoid responsibility and how to spend someone else’s money.  Luckily for them if they run out there is always a mall cop that would pay some nice cash for some rough sex with a teen. 

From Disgraced 18
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Disgraced 18

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