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Teen gets Raped in the Bathroom of a Club

June 22nd, 2009 by Fish

I always thought that bitches went in packs to pee.  I guess its one of those rare occasions where they actually have a clue.  More than likely its due to the fact bitches can’t shut up even when they are taking a shit. 

On the rare occasion where a cunt can’t wait for her gaggle of friends to go pee she of course has to venture into the bathroom herself.  Now rarely if ever some guy is waiting in the woman’s bathroom to rape the shit out of you. More than likely this slut was leading this guy on at the club and after he bought her 4 or 5 drinks realized she was just leading him on. 

Now with any business relationship the down payment is usually refundable if the other party doesn’t fulfill his part of the deal.  But we are talking about bitches here, who feel that they are entitled to everything.  Since its unlikely the slut has any money to refund this guy’s generosity the next logical thing is to grab a buddy and force her into fulfilling her bargain. 

From Fantasy Forced Teenagers
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