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Teen Horse Bitch Force Fucked by a Stallion of her Own

January 28th, 2011 by Fish

I never quite understood why bitches are obsessed with horses.  I fucking HATE horses.  They are big smelly beasts and they make good glue.  That’s about the extent of my regard for these things. 

I read once that our bitches obsession with these beasts particularly at a young age is that as a bitch in training develops into a bitch they are compelled to love horses because it gives them the opportunity to handle a much larger stronger being than itself as training to handle males when the bitch gets older.  What horseshit!  If that were the case the horse would bitch slap the little soon to be slut, bend them over and horse fuck them. 

No my friends its simply another useless thing that goes though our bitches minds rather than thinking about how to better serve men.  Now you also have these bitches that are so obsessed with horses they prefer them to men.  What use is that kind of bitch!  Instead of being in the kitchen they are out brushing these damn things.

What these bitches need is a good hard dick in them to teach them a lesson.  Of course they won’t want to but they need one anyway.  That way the bitch can become a member of our productive society and concentrating on keeping the house clean and bending over when told to do so. 

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