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Unwilling Virgin Gets Painfully Fucked

October 3rd, 2010 by Fish

There are two orders of thought when it comes to punishment.  Vengeance and deterrence.  Vengeance is like our justice system in this country where they like to put people away for years for smoking a little pot or give you a $10,000 fine because some bitch doesn’t want you to have a glass of wine with your meal.   Deterrence of course is the opposite where there are penalties for breaking the law its more to keep you from doing something again yet allowing you to continue being a productive citizen rather than ruining it.  Bitches being bitches of course believe in the latter case.

Strangely however,  Rough Sex is all about deterrence.  A bitch acts in a certain way and she gets Rough Fucked in order to ensure she does not do it again.  I mean if the bitch doesn’t cook for you one day what indeed is the point of force fucking her for the whole week.  I would have to imagine (unless it was a particular dim or stubborn bitch) she gets the message when she finds herself the first time forced over the arm of the couch getting force fucked and slapped in the back of the head.

Unfortunately the rules of Rough Sex break down with virgins.  Typically one causes pain to a bitch to keep her (or encourage her) to do something, since pain is really the only punishment dogs and bitches understand.  But with a virgin bitch, even if she is willing to give it up,  its gonna hurt which would suggest it would be a deterrent to future fucking.  Now thankfully a bitches memory is quite short and this of course only lasts for a short time.

But during this time bitches of course like to make other bitches quite scared thus you might run into a unwilling unfucked soon to be slut.  Now it is for the young bitch’s own good that this be taken care of as soon as possible.  Kind of like bringing your dog to the vet.  Once you get it out of the way you can begin the real task of getting all that nonsense out of her head and act like a proper bitch.

From Spoiled Virgins
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Spoiled Virgins

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