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Wife Forced to Fuck

July 17th, 2009 by Fish

Lets talk about all you married fuckers out there who’s wives refuse to put out.  Now imagine (actually you probably don’t need to imagine).   Its Friday,  You have put in a long hard week and your looking forward to getting home,  having a couple of beers and fucking your wife silly. 

Now the second part of this scenario is probably unlikely since she probably hasn’t put out since your anniversary last year when you bought her that over priced shiny thing and even then she complained about it.  Now why shouldn’t a man be able to fuck when he keeps a roof over the bitches head and food on the table? 

I’ll tell you why,  because the fat stupid feminists told them long ago they “shouldn’t have to”.  Its “their” body.  Which means to a slut that since if you stop putting a roof over her head and food on the table she can bring your ass to court, you pretty much have no recourse about her refusal to fuck. 

Now we are told by the same feminist bitches that almost all wives are raped by their husbands at least once in their lives.  Now this is of course complete bullshit because since the slut is your wife its kinda impossible to rape the cunt since you have a contract saying you have rights to fuck her whenever you want. 

Now most cunts will say this is not fair blah blah blah.  But guess what,  its totally “fair” since technically your husband has to fuck you whenever you want as well!  If the cunt doesn’t exercise this is it your fault?  No I think not.

From Ravished Bride
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Ravished Bride

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    Anyone know this bitch’s name?