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Wife gets Force Fucked in the Ass

November 2nd, 2010 by Fish

If you were stupid enough to get married you inevitably have a lazy bitch refusing to fuck you and even worse refusing to take it in the ass.  This of course is because many times Anal Hurts which is what my other site Painal is all about.  But I digress with my shameless promotion. 

But what a waste I say.  After all you married the bitch,  she is free to spend your money wantonly and of course bitch at you incessantly why indeed should she be relieved from the duty of getting fucked in the ass.  I mean that’s what the bitch is here for after all! 

Thankfully nature was kind enough to put two of the bitches fuck holes quite close together and one can of course innocently stick it in the wrong hole while fumbling in the dark.  Now it is quite important to realize that you will have one enraged bitch which needs to be held onto quite tightly since after all she has a unwanted dick in her ass.  I would liken the reaction to a bull who’s scrotum is squeezed to make it buck during a rodeo.  Also your bitch will not be too happy with you afterwards but this can be corrected with a shiny bauble or two. 

Inversely if your bitch is refusing to fuck you completely and Rough Sex is needed you might as well stick it in her ass since, well…… You can! 

From Fucked and Bound
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Fucked and Bound

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  • 1 erez Nov 13, 2010 at 5:46 am

    you’re the best!