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April 7th, 2010 by Fish

So a couple of days ago some bitches decided to protest some silly thing then tends to enrage bitches.  Now the protest of course is not of concern for us since it was something bitches do not like thus something we indeed can ignore. 

What is of concern to us is that the bitches decided to protest by walking down the street topless.  Now the result of this was that first the bitches cause wasn’t taken too seriously since how can you take a bitch seriously with her tits hanging out when we can hardly take them seriously fully clothed.  The second thing that happened is that lots of men lined the sidewalk and hooted and hollered at the shirtless sluts. 

Being of course bitches they were even MORE enraged that these men would do such a thing.  Because of course a bunch of topless bitches is not a site to behold!  They were concerned that these “men” ruined their protest.  As far as I am concerned they were lucky they didn’t get mob raped!

So once again friends it just goes to show you that our bitches are a quite dim bunch.  Particularly this pretty little teen refusing to put out for her ugly shirt wearing boyfriend.  At least until he forces her to fuck

From Ravished Bride
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Ravished Bride

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